Traxxas ’35 Hot Rods 1/10th AWD Factory Five


The Traxxas Factory Five Hot Rods honor the early days of hot rodding when big power, bright chrome, and curved steel ruled the streets. Like their full-size Factory Five counterparts, the Traxxas ‘33 Coupe and ‘35 Truck combine modern chassis design with eye-catching gorgeous bodies. Riding on the 4-Tec 3.0 chassis, the Traxxas Hot Rods offer blistering speed and razor-sharp reflexes with timeless good looks. Beautiful to behold and even more fun to drive, the Traxxas Factory Five Hot Rods add a classic touch to your RC experience.

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Traxxas Graphite Factory Five ’33 Hot Rod Coupe 1:10 AWD

Traxxas Blue Fade Factory Five ’33 Hot Rod Coupe 1:10 AWD

Traxxas Red Fade Factory Five ’33 Hot Rod Coupe 1:10 AWD

Traxxas Metallic Red Factory Five ’33 Hot Rod Coupe 1:10 AWD


The flowing lines of the ‘33 Coupe and ‘35 Pickup draw plenty of attention, but it’s the extra details that put them over the top. Injection-molded chrome grilles dazzle in the sunlight along with bright chrome side mirrors and detailed headlight housings. Custom graphics finish off the package for a look that’s ready to cruise the boulevard.


When you’re cruising down the boulevard, speed may be king, but style reigns supreme. The Traxxas Hot Rods deliver outrageous good looks with deep lustrous paint, wild graphics, and gleaming chrome accents to match their blistering performance.


The Traxxas Factory Five Hot Rods take scale realism to the next level with vivid LED lighting! The headlight and tail light set are pre-installed and custom-fit for authentic action after dark.


Both Hot Rod bodies preserve their flowing hoodline without body posts using a front latch built into the shock tower. When it’s time to change the battery, just remove the two rear clips and the entire body slides off in seconds.


The 4-Tec’s high tech suspension features bosses molded into the arms to adjust droop. Suspension droop is the amount of downward travel on the wheels. Droop adjustment allows the 4-Tec 3.0 to be tuned for better stability in the corners.

Traxxas ’35 Hot Rods