Kyosho Inferno MP10Te 1:8 4WD EP Truggy Kit 34115B

  • High-performance 4WD model developed for 1/8 EP truck racing that is growing in popularity throughout the world
  • Electric version provides enjoyable off-road R/C truck performance across a wide range of driving environments, with low running costs
  • Shaft driven 4WD system delivers proven running stability and high reliability
  • Compatible with optional parts for the existing Inferno MP10 series so you can customize and elevate performance
  • Specially designed hard anodized duralumin main chassis ensures optimal flexibility and Strength for truck racing
  • MP10Te features a newly developed truck body with superior aerodynamic characteristics
  • Suspension geometry can be easily adjusted by replacing resin bushes.
  • Aluminum rear suspension shaft collar is included as standard and minimizes vibration of the rear suspension arm
  • Universal center shaft is equipped as standard for superior drive efficiency and easy maintenance
  • Compatible with both standard and short type batteries (batteries sold separately)
  • Hook-and-loop fastener secures the battery and allows easy mounting/removal. Also compatible with batteries of different thicknesses
  • Comes with pinion gear suitable for KV1900-2100 class brushless motors

1/8 scale GP (engine) buggies & trucks are a hugely popular around the world. In recent years, 1/8 EP (electric) buggies and trucks based on GP models (engine replaced by an electric motor and fuel tank replaced by a rechargeable battery), have also become exciting racing categories. The Kyosho Inferno MP10e released in 2020 sets the standard in the offroad electric buggy racing scene. By combining the proven drive unit of the Inferno MP10e with the suspension system and robust truck components of the 1/8 scale GP truck Inferno MP10T, a new MP10Te 1/8 scale EP racing truck is born. The MP10Te features a newly designed main chassis and aerodynamic body form that has been thoroughly tested to deliver the speed and maneuverability required of a competition racing model, taking 1/8 EP truck performance to a higher level. Incorporating the left-right split battery mounting first adopted by the MP10e buggy, the MP10Te racing truck supports changes to front-rear weight distribution with movement of short-type batteries. This allows optimized setting according to driving style and road surface conditions. The Inferno MP10Te not only sets the pace on North America’s booming 1/8 EP truck racing scene, but is also a thoroughly enjoyable off-road R/C car.