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Wot 4 IC Build Kit Classic GRP Version

5 out of 5 stars Wednesday 15 June, 2016 By Nigel martin - See all my reviews
I am returning back to R/C flying, ( been years ago) OK I have flown Helo's ( TREX700) But back to fixed wing, a bit of challenge.... So at the club, ''Buy the WOT4'' came the cry, so, without too much of a 'dent' in the wallet, the box arrived.

Superbly packaged, and within a 'cats-whisker' all made. No issues encountered.

Bought a couple of batteries, dully charged-up ready for the field.

If I was honest, I did buy a Parkzone Radian Pro, just to get my Mo-Jo' back... Actually that was great fun, when I could get the wretched thing to land, kept-on flying!

Right, range test done, all ready to go, full throttle and up it went, lovely and stable, very docile and predicable, I guess the wing area had a lot to do with that! I had the 'throws' set min, so I would not be 'silly' with the input, but I realised had I wanted too, I could do aerobatics with no issues at all, plenty of performance and maneuverability.

I know I am still a novice, but I really am looking at the XL now!!! I guess when you are talking about Chirs Foss designs, the flying out-come is predicable, not something that can vbe said in many a model!

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