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Early production Tiger I Tank. Die-cast chassis for extra weight and enhanced realism. Easy assembly tracks, The Decal sheet shows 4 different markings.

Towards the middle of WWII, the Wehrmacht was hard pressed on two fronts, facing tough fighting against the superior Soviet T34 and KV-I tanks in the East, and retreating in the face of the Allied offensive in North Africa. But in late 1942, German units were assigned a powerful new war machine that far surpassed the Panzer III and Panzer IV tanks: the Tiger I. Equipped with the awesome 88mm main gun, 100mm thick armor at the front, 80mm armor on the sides, and a 650hp Maybach engine, the Tiger I is widely considered to be the most powerful and sophisticated tank of its time. Henschel produced over 1,300 Tiger I heavy tanks during the period of the war, ranging from initial production to modified late production models. The approximately 200 models produced from November 1942 to June 1943 are characterized as early production models. Distinctive features of early production Tiger I tanks include the large cylinder shaped cupola with a smoke discharger and pistol ports on the turret. The Tiger I first saw action against the Soviets near Leningrad, and went on to serve with distinction on the Eastern, Western, Italian and African fronts, gaining the fear and respect of its Allied foes.
At the end of 1942 at the end of the Second World War, to the German forces of the North African front which had been forced to retreat before the Soviet Union T34 and the Eastern Front which was struggled by the KV - I tank and the US British offensive, A tank with a powerful main gun and a heavy armor appeared that was distinctive from the previous III and IV tanks, which was the new heavy tank Tiger I. Henschel gave his name to future generations I was ordered to develop this Tiger I. It was at the end of May 1941. It was a competition with Dr. Ferdinand Porsche who was already developing.The design plan of Henschel was the largest armor 100mm, It was a sturdy one supporting 80 mm side prismatic body with 8 torsion bars on one side and 24 rolling wheels.The main gun and turret were designed by Krupp to be a newly designed 56-hole 88-mm tank cannon for Porsche Proposal Body Front armor 100 mm, sideThe 80 mm horseshoe turret was installed almost as it was, the engine was equipped with 12 cylinders, and the output 650 horsepower Maybach HL 210P 45. This development plan encountered a powerful Soviet-made tank at the start of the German Soviet match, Mass production orders were issued as early as spring 1942. Production was officially started from August 1942 and was deployed mainly to the independent heavy tank battalion of the new organization including the 501 heavy tank battalion, the army The air cleaner was added from the November production to the rear part of the car body, and from December, part of the turret shield was reinforced, etc. Improvement of various parts of the car body.Tiger I initial production type is 1942 Approximately 200 were produced from November to June 1943 and were also introduced to the Eastern Front, the North African Front, and the Italian Front. At the time of its appearance, at the time of its appearance it was as powerful as there were no tanks against the Allied Forces, Indeed an unbeatable heavy tank, repeatedly making numerous improvementsTiger continued to fight until the war end I may, it became a major threat of Allied soldiers in heavy armor that repels even the shelling from 88mm cannon and a close distance of overwhelming offensive force.

About the model
1/48 scale of the initial production type of Tiger I, a plastic model assembly kit.
Full length 175 mm, realistically modeling the features of the early type which are said to have the most heavy style among each type.
The chassis is made of die casting and also full of weight feeling.
Caterpillar adopts a real link assembly formula and also integrates the linear parts and also makes it easy to assemble.
Four 503 heavy tank battalion and other markings With.

Glue and Paint required to Assemble!
Ref: 32504 Stock Status: 2 Units in Stock Manufactured by: Tamiya

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