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Super Flying Model P-51D Mustang 40 Kit

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4 out of 5 stars Monday 23 March, 2020 By S. wynne
The kit is well put together but sadly lacking some essential items which require both woodworking skills and patience..but in a way that's the joy of kits..
The instructions are challenging at times and carefull cross referencing with the detailed drawing is a must to avoid incorrect assembly..rudder and elevator servo mount was missing and needed a small piece of plywood to complete..undercarriage parts were incomplete and even without using retracts the gear cannot be assembled from the kit..also missing were simple hinges for all moving covering tissue either..minor gripes but would expect these in a kit...
Painting and decal themes again left to the builder require research for an authentic look..
I opted for EP over IC and the available kit I fitted is perfect...fits perfectly and was easy to connect and set up ready for flight.
Overall the finished kit looks far not flown yet but it feels perfectly balanced and there is plenty of thrust from the motor so should be fast as well..
I would recommend this kit but its not for beginners Website Design & eCommerce Solutions
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