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SEAGULL EXTRA EA 300L 46 size SEA-199

Price:£214.99£192.99Save: 10% off
4 out of 5 stars Monday 22 April, 2019 By christopher prevett - See all my reviews
A very nice model, well finished . If you have basic experience it will be easy to put together without any major problems, the supplied manual is for the slightly larger 60 size version and has minor differences. i found the CG position slightly too far forward for the 46 version and i required 200 grams fixed to the firewall to balance with the electric conversion. it flew straight and true on its maiden with a 13 x 6.5 apc fitted to a 3542-800 SK3 motor from Hobby King and running on 5s 4000 to com asic flying were adequate for a maiden and the higher rates were ok for general aerobatics but more will be needed for freestyle stuff. Make sure the BEC will deliver enough current for four standard servos as mine couldnt cope with the demand for hi Website Design & eCommerce Solutions
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