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SEAGULL CESSNA 337 (36) (SEA-146

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3 out of 5 stars Tuesday 22 October, 2019 By Brian Young
The model assembled very well, all parts fitted well and the covering was wrinkle free. Because of the number of servos involved (7 in the wing assembly and 3 in the fuselage), I fitted one receiver in the wing and another in the fuselage. This meant that I only had to connect a power lead to the wing Rx at the field. I fitted 2 SC .52 four strokes (the smallest recommended), and with a final weight of just over 6 Kg I was having doubts about the power available. The first attempt at take off was a disaster - the nose wheel hit a small bump and the complete front end - bulkhead, engine and all fell off - negligible glue!
Once repaired, the second attempt was no better, the nose wheel steering came loose and the model did some "interesting" ground manoeuvres! With everything refitted I await some decent weather to try again. My conclusions so far is that 2 x 52's is probably not enough, and having nearly 1 lb of lead in the nose doesn't help. Website Design & eCommerce Solutions
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