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Multiplex RR Solius 264264

Price:£289.90£266.69Save: 8% off
5 out of 5 stars Friday 14 August, 2015 By dennis shimwell
I think it would help if I give you my history before I pass on my opinion of this model.I have built dozens of both gliders and power models from plans over 55 yrs.I have also built many amrtf models as well.I am now in position where I am no longer able to spend hours over the building board.So here come my relevant comments.The solius is easy to put together.The claim of 35 mnt. flight time is possible even on a flat field without thermals.This model has a super lift wing.Be sure you know what A stall is and how to correct it.The solius shines in near flat calm .Be realistic,it is a thermal machine.Every one mile per hour wind speed makes it less enjoyable to fly .It can be flown over 5mph.wind speed but do you really want to be on your tiptoes all the time?The main wing attachment design is brilliant it is fuss free and your electrics fitted in moments.It has a wing saving knock of trick should you catch a wing tip on a sudden arrest.The locating lug on the canopy is at the wrong end mine was blown off.That is easy to cure ,put an elastic band across the front.I would still give this model top marks .When you consider it is all factory assembled and you need to do very little by way of assembly it got to be very good value. Website Design & eCommerce Solutions
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