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The Boeing-Saab T-7 Red Hawk, originally known as the Boeing T-X, is an American/Swedish advanced jet trainer produced by Boeing in partnership with Saab. It was selected on 27 September 2018 by the United States Ait Force (USAF) as the winner of the T-X program to replce the Northrop T-38 Talon.

The shape of the T-7A is similar to the reduced version of the F/A-18 because they are designed with a large leading edge root extension surface and a V-shaped double vertical tail design. Not only does this design provide dexterous control at low speeds but it also has better flying capabilities at high angles of attack, so that its flight performance can be closer to the fighters in active service. It is also equipped with an embedded training system and remote connection, which can be combined with the most advanced ground training exerciser. The pilots who have completed T-7A excercises can easily get hands on the F-22, F-35 and other 5th Generation fighters which shortens the intermediate adaptionperiod.

The XFly Model T-7A Red Hawk 64mm EDF jet is an easy-to-fly and versaltile trainer jet for a wider variety of experienced pilots to enjoy – including those with limited EDF experience. The 4S-compatible brushless motor and 40-amp ESC that are matched to a 12 blade 64mm fan deliver an abundance of speed, thrust and a turbine-like sound compared to other models in its class.

Use the included fixed landing gear with steerable nose wheel to taxi, take off and land on paved, packed dirt or grass surfaces at large parks and fields. Or leave the landing rear off for more speed and vertical performance plus easy hand launches and landings on grass. With stability it’s a scale jet that flies smooth and handles like a sport jet. Be the first at your flight field to own what is surely one of the best and rare EDF jets available today!



Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Material: Lightweight yet strong EPO, ABS engineering plastics
Wingspan: 750mm
Overall length: 960mm
Wing Load: 79g/dm2
Wing Area: 14.4dm2
Flying weight: 1100g
Propeller/EDF: 64mm 12-Blade Fan
Motor: 2840-KV3200
ESC: 40A
Flying Duration: 8min
Sevos: 9g Digital Servo*5
Landing gear: Fixed main ladning gear, steerable nose gear
LED lights: /
Other electronics: Main wiring board *1
Channels: 4CH-Throttle ailerons, elevator and steering front gear
Recommended Battery: 14.8V 2600mAh



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Jet & EDF







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