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About the Swordfish Mk.II Affectionately known as the Stringbag by those who flew them, the Fairey Swordfish torpedobomber was already outdated when WWII broke out, but nonetheless provided valuable serviceand achieved such notable missions as the attack on the Italian Navy at Taranto and damagingthe German battleship Bismarck. As newer, faster aircraft were developed to replace it, theSwordfish was modified to become an anti-submarine aircraft. The Mk.II featured metal lowerwings that allowed it to be armed with ten rockets or depth charges, which, along with its sturdydesign and long endurance, made it an exceptional anti-submarine aircraft for use on merchantaircraft carriers in the Atlantic convoys.

About the Model

Detailed assembly kit model of the Fairey Swordfish Mk.II.
Features specific to the Mk.II, such as the metal lower wing and large oil cooler are all accuratelyreproduced.
Formidable rocket armament, exhaust damper, and included invasion stripe markings furtherdistinguish this kit from the earlier Mk.I.
3 figures and 3 types of markings included.







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