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The Piper Cub J-3 is an iconic American light aircraft, between 1937 and 1947 over 20,000 were built by the Piper Aircraft company. The fullsize aircraft has a simple, lightweight design and good low speed handling properties, all attributes that SFM tried to encapusulate in this 1720mm wingspan sport scale ARTF.
This Cub is suited to either I/C or electric power and is was designed from the start to accomodate both options. The airframe is built from laser cut parts and assembled on jigs to ensure accuracy making the structure is both lightweight and strong. Thanks to it’s semi-symmetrical airfoil the Cub is predictable and suited to a wide range of flight speeds. 
• Classic yellow scale scheme using heatshrink film
• CNC balsa/ply construction
• Fibreglass cowling
• Realistic dummy engine
• 90% pre-built ARTF for fast assembly
Type: ARTF
Wingspan: 1720mm (67.7″)
Length: 1095mm (43.1″)
Weight: 2300 – 2600g (Approx)
Radio System: 4 Channels (Req.)
Wing Area: 42dm²
IC Engine: .40 – .46 2-Stroke (Rec.)
IC Engine: .40 – .70 4-Stroke (Rec.)
LiPo: 4S1P 2600mAh (Rec.)
Electric Motor: 3520C 840KV (Rec.)
Speed Controller: 50A Brushless (Rec.)




Electric, Engine


Super Flying Model



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