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The servoless payload release device enables the dropping of a single payload while in flight at the press of a button. Designed to operate without the need for complex servo-driven systems, this electronic device is programmable (5 different release modes) and can be used in a series of daisy-chained devices to accomodate mulitple operations. It’s ease of operation and design makes it ideally suited to a wide range of applications including the remote tow-release for sailpanes.

Low power consumption is another great feature but as with any electrical devices, total system power consumption and loads should be calculated before use to ensure that the receiver and on-board power supply is capable of supporting the system loads being placed upon them.

  • No servos required! – Now you can operate remote release mechanisms in a variety of applicatinos without the need for expensive servos or complex set ups.
  • Daisychain connectivity – ability to connect multiple mechanisms together and control them via a single channel. Each mechanism will operate independently and only pass on the signal once it has completed operation.
  • Programmable operation. Select from wither One-by-one or programmed time-delay operation. Each unit can be programmed independently so complex chains of modules can work differently according to the progamming logic applied. Choose from 4 pre-set time delay modes.
  • Wide operating voltage for use with popular receiver systems include 4 and 5 cell NiMH powered systems and unregulated 2S LiPo systems.

Dimensions (L x W x H):79mm x 15.5mm x 27mm

4.8 – 9.5V

Please refer to the manual and accurately calculate the entire system electrical current drain load and ensure that your Rx and power source can ably handle the additional loads placed upon it with complex daisychained modules.

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