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Features (17T, 12T, 8T)

  • Fully Programmable
  • Excellent high output ESC
  • Ultra high frequency & performance
  • Forward & reverse w/A.B.S (Anti-lock Brake System)
  • Easy-to-use single button set-up
  • Speed up function
  • Reverse delay function
  • High-temperature safety cut-off system prevents overheating damage
  • Battery type for NiCd, NiMH & Li-Po can be seaprately set
  • Safety protection from over discharge
  • No need to set the transmitter’s throttle switch
  • MOSFET transistor operation for maximum power output & the greatest efficiency
  • Factory installed radio, battery and motor connectors
Input LiPoNiCd/NiMH Only2 Cells2 Cells2 Cells
Input NiCd/NiMH6~7 Cells6~7 Cells6~7 Cells6~7 Cells
B.E.C5.0V / 1.0A5.0V / 1.0A5.0V / 1.0A5.0V / 1.0A
Operating frequency1.0KHz1.0KHz1.0KHz1.0KHz
On-Resistance0.006ohms0.006 ohms0.0035ohms0.002ohms
Cut-off Voltage NiCd/NiMH4.0V4.0V4.0V4.0V
Cut-off Voltage Li-Po5.5V5.5V5.5V
Motor Turns Limit17~36 Turns17 Turns12 Turns8 Turns
Acceleration time delay0.06, 0.16, 0.27sec0.09, 0.16, 0.27sec0.03, 0.16, 0.27sec
Weight with wires48g33g49g63g
Case size35x27x17mm35x27x17mm35x27x17mm35x27x17mm
Temperature Cut-offYesYesYesYes
Fully ProgrammableAuto set-upYesYesYes
Speed Up FunctionYesYesYes
Reverse Delay FunctionYesYesYes





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