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5-channel ID receiver

Compact and inexpensive 5-channel 2.4 GHz M-LINK receiver with UNI plug-in system. Thanks to the compact housing and the small dimensions in conjunction with the inline connector arrangement, especially suitable for smaller models.

Typical applications:
• Helicopter models up to 80 cm rotor diameter
• Electric and engine models up to 1.3 m span
• Sail and electric sailplane models up to 2 m span
• RC Cars
• RC boats

Due to the modeller recognition, our SMART SX starter changes independently of the receiver’s model memory. During a model change, the model-specific settings stored in the SMART SX transmitter (eg trimming, servo directions, dual rate) are always automatically available. This eliminates the need for checking the servo directional readjustments or re-adjustment of the trims in the case of typical, simple starter transmitters.

The following receivers / IDs are available:
ID1 (activated SMART SX model memory 1)
ID2 (activates SMART SX model memory 2 for EasyStar II)
ID3 (activated SMART SX model memory 3 for EasyGlider PRO)
ID5 (activates SMART SX model memory 5 for RAZZOR)
ID6 (activates SMART SX model memory 6 for FunCopter)
ID7 (activated SMART SX model memory 7 for Funman)
ID9 (activated SMART SX model memory 9 for Shark)
ID10 (activated SMART SX model memory 10 for Panda)
ID21 (activated SMART SX model memory 21)
ID22 (activates SMART SX model memory 22)

The model data records can be overwritten or adjusted on the transmitter side (SMART SX6), so that the receivers can be used universally.

The RX-5 ID receivers can also be operated with any other M-LINK remote control without ID recognition and then correspond to a receiver RX-5 light M-LINK 2.4 Ghz.


• HOLD / FAIL-SAFE function
• Integrated button and LED for: Binding, FAIL-SAFE programming, RESET, operating status information
• ID function for automatic model storage changes for SMART SX6





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