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Max Thrust Ruckus P-51 1380mm EP/GP Balsa ARTF

The Ruckus has made its mark on the UK model scene as the best first low wing model you can buy.

It’s fantastic aerobatic performance coupled with its great slow-speed handling has made going from high wing trainer to low wing a very easy step. Now available as a Pro Built Balsa model it can be flown either IC Nitro or E.P. Electric, the mounts and accessories are included for either version.

With an OS 46 upfront, the prototype flew so well that it drew comparisons with the best-selling models currently on the market and surpassed them in many areas. You can fly this model on a 40 through to a 46 size Nitro engine or electric using a 4 cell 3300 and an Overlander 4250/06….. thumper electric motor. In either version, the model fly’s outstandingly well.

The P51D Scheme is the latest design available for the Max-Thrust Pro-Built Ruckus and after the amazing responses we have had from all those that have seen it whilst in development we are sure this is going to be one of the most popular models at the field.

Max Thrust Ruckus P-51 Specification:

  • Wingspan 1380mm 54.33″)
  • Length 1170mm (46.1″)
  • Tail Span 560mm (22.5″)
  • Flying Weight EP 4s 3300mAh 2.35kg (5.2lb)

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Max Thrust


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