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Display receiver battery voltages, engine temperatures, propeller rpm, position, course – in fact, ANY data from any of the numerous on-board Hitec telemetry devices available – all on your laptop down at the field in REAL TIME!

The astonishingly clever HTS Navi USB device plugs into a free USB port on your Windows PC and receives 2.4GHz AFHSS telemetry info from ANY transmitter fitted with the Hitec Spectra 2.4, Spectra 2.4J or Hitec 2.4GHz built-in module radios!

If your are flying an Optima 7 or 9 channel receiver with full telemetry capability and a full set of telemetry sensors, you can be sure of you model’s status at any time during your flight – especially important for large or fast models at flying displays and busy sites.
Download the User manual for pictures and explanations.

Hitec 2.4GHz AFHSS – Pilot-speak for Peace of Mind

  • The HTS-NAVI allows you to wirelessly transmit data back to your PC.
  • Display essential telemetry info on your PC with no need for cables
  • Compatible with any radio fitted with Hitec AFHSS system
  • Displayable telemetry info: Rx/Tx battery power, fuel level
  • Displayable telemetry info: Temperature, RPM, Current, Voltage
  • GPS displayable info: Altitude, Distance, latitude, Speed
  • GPS displayable info: Direction and Trajectory




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