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Hitec HS8775MG Digital Low Profile Servo Coreless


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The high resolution and response of our new8000 Series of servos brings the wow factor to your plane, heli and car. Designed with an efficient coreless motor, our ultra-performance servos provide impressive precision with rapid-fire responsiveness. Whether you are tearing it up with your car, truck or buggy, flying high with your giant scale aircraft or crack rolling with your 600 to 700-size electric or gas-powered helicopter, theres an Ultra Response 8000 Series servo for you.


HS-8775MG Servo Specifications

Performance Specifications
Operating Voltage Range (Volts DC) 4.8V ~ 6.0V
Speed (Second @ 60°) 0.12 ~ 0.10
Maximum Torque Range oz. / in. 100 ~ 125
Maximum Torque Range kg. / cm. 7.2 ~ 9.0
Current Draw at Idle 10 mA
No Load Operating Current Draw 240 mA
Stall Current Draw 3,000 mA
Dead Band Width < 1 µs
Physical Specifications
Dimensions (Inches) 1.59 x 0.83 x 1.00
Dimensions (Metric) 40.4 x 21.0 x 25.4
Weight (Ounces) 1.72
Weight (Gram) 45.0
Circuit Type HR Digital
Motor Type Coreless Metal Brush
Gear Material Titanium
Bearing Type Dual Ball Bearing
Output Shaft (type / Ømm) H25T
Case Material Plastic
Dust / Water Resistance N / A
Connector Gauge (AWG) / Strand Count 20 / 80



Servo Power

3.0kg to 7.9kg, 8.0kg to 14.9kg

Servo Voltage

Servo 4.8v, Servo 6v

Servo Operation

Digital Servo


Hi Tec

Gear Material

Metal Gear

Servo Size

Low Profile

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