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Extra 330LX – 3D 50cc V2 (Carbon) 2.082m (82in) (SEA-274N)

Product Description

We know the score. Sometimes, just sometimes, you feel the need to make an impression, treat yourself and buy an Extra 330LX – 3D 50cc V2 that’s just a little classier than the hacks you usually fly. Its a point that many of us reach when we’ve been flying for a few years, have accumulated a decent amount of experience and just don’t seem to damage aeroplanes like we used to. If that’s you and you’ve recently established the need for a large, semi-scale, out-and-out pattern or 3D aerobat, then you’ve come to the right place. Seagull’s updated 50cc Extra 330LX is an aeroplane you should very seriously consider for not only is it big and bold in its French Air Force (Armee de l’Air) colour scheme, its beautifully built and bristling with appealing features. From the ink black carbon undercarriage to the glossy postbox red glass fibre spats. From the huge, concours-quality painted glass fibre cowl to the immaculate, diligently applied trim scheme. From the tough purpose-designed dual glass fibre control horns to the efficient, faired aileron leading edges, this is a model that takes you closer than you may ever have been to the R/C aerobatic equivalent of the holy grail. But don’t take our word for it, have a look, you won’t be disappointed..

Beautifully built and beautifully engineered the Extra 330LX’s light but rigid laser-cut balsa, ply and carbon fibre construction mirrors the concept of the full-size, maximising the power to weight ratio of the recommended engine range and offering its pilot a locked-in, unlimited flight envelope with power enough to punch out when needed. Truth is, carbon fibre has been incorporated into the very core of the airframe with carbon stringers and a carbon fibre main spar woven into both fuselage and wing, the combination offering the strength required to accommodate all the high g manoeuvres that go hand-in-hand with extreme flight.

Key Features
  • Designed for 3D and precision aerobatic flight.
  • Eye-catching true-scale colour scheme.
  • Ultra lightweight, high-quality balsa, ply and carbon fibre construction.
  • Covered in genuine Oracover film.
  • Factory painted glass fibre engine cowl and wheel spats.
  • Easy wing removal assists storage and transportation.
  • Full hardware pack included for either petrol or electric power.
  • Includes transparent fuel tank.
  • Quality carbon fibre main undercarriage.
  • Steerable carbon fibre tail wheel assembly.
  • Detailed ply instrument panels and lightweight painted pilot.
  • Removable cockpit hatch for easy radio, fuel tank and flight battery access.
  • Crystal clear canopy moulding.
  • Pin hinged control surfaces with increased deflection.
  • Twin heavy-duty glass fibre control horns (with ball links).
What’s in the Box
  • 1x Ultra lightweight factory finished fuselage.
  • 1x Ultra lightweight factory finished 2-piece wing set.
  • 1x Factory assembled and covered wingtip fence set.
  • 1x Ultra lightweight factory finished balanced rudder.
  • 1x Ultra lightweight factory finished tailplane set.
  • 1x High quality factory painted glass fibre cowl.
  • 1x Sturdy carbon fibre undercarriage.
  • 1x Factory painted wheel spat set.
  • 1x Hardware pack (screws, horns, pushrods, fuel tank etc.).
  • 1x Quality plastic spinner.
  • 1x Sprung carbon fibre steerable tail wheel unit.
  • 1x Carbon main spar.
  • 1x Clear canopy moulding.
  • 1x Factory painted pilot figure.
  • 1x Comprehensive instruction manual.
Needed to Complete
  • 1 x 50cc two-stroke engine or equivalent electric powertrain.
  • 1 x Propeller to suit chosen engine.
  • 1 x 6-channel (minimum) computer transmitter and receiver combo.
  • 1 x Standard-size, sport servo for throttle (Hitec HS-325HB).
  • 5 x Standard-size, digital, high torque, metal gear servos (Hitec HS-5665MH).


Wingspan (mm):2082
Length (mm):1973
Wing area (sq. in):1349
Weight (lb):16.3 – 16.8



Aircraft Type

Free Flight




ARTR (Almost Ready to Run)



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