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Eduard 1/72 Mikoyan MiG-15UTI ProfiPACK Edition EDK7055


The Mikoyan MiG-15UTI is a jet trainer aircraft that was developed by the Soviet Union in the years following World War II.

It was a variant of the MiG-15, which was a fighter aircraft that played a significant role in the Korean War.

The MiG-15UTI was designed to train pilots on the complex controls and systems of jet aircraft.

It had two seats and dual controls, allowing a student and instructor to fly together.

The aircraft was powered by a single turbojet engine and was armed with two 23 mm cannons.

The MiG-15UTI was widely used by the Soviet Union and its allies, including North Korea and China.

It was also exported to many other countries around the world, and some examples are still in use today.

The aircraft was known for its reliability and ease of maintenance, and it helped to train many pilots who went on to fly more advanced jet aircraft.

In addition to its training role, the MiG-15UTI was also used in some combat situations.

For example, North Korean pilots flew the aircraft in ground attack missions during the Korean War.

Today, the MiG-15UTI is regarded as an important aircraft in the history of aviation, and it is still remembered for its contributions to jet fighter training and development.

ProfiPACK edition kit of Soviet two-seat jet trainer aircraft UTI MiG-15 in 1/72 scale.

– Plastic parts: Eduard
– Marking options: 5
– Decals: Eduard
– PE parts: yes, pre-painted
– Painting mask: yes
– Resin parts: no







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