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E-Flite Beechcraft D18 1.5m BNF Basic

Creation of a Classic

The design of the “Twin Beech” D18 proved so adaptable that Beechcraft Aircraft Corporation eventually produced 32 versions — and more than 9,000 total aircraft — from 1937 to 1969. They served in a wide variety of roles from passenger transport, to mail carrier, and even as a military trainer for navigators and bombardiers. The E-flite® Beechcraft D18 1.5m is the most convenient, well-equipped, and easiest-to-fly scale model of the unique general aviation aircraft yet! Its fully-moulded EPO airframe is finished with a classic trim scheme and is outfitted with numerous scale details. Functional features such as LED navigation lights, retractable landing gear, and flaps further increase its realism. The 3S and 4S compatible power system includes an exclusive Spektrum Avian Dual Smart ESC, and the BNF® Basic version is also equipped with an AR631 receiver to deliver real-time telemetry data along with AS3X® and SAFE® Select technologies. The Beechcraft D18 1.5m turns the aviation classic into a modern-day RC marvel that’s practical for a wide range of pilots to enjoy!


  • The most convenient, well-equipped, and easiest-to-fly scale model of the unique general aviation aircraft yet
  • Scale replica of the iconic aircraft flown for civilian, airline, utility, cargo, military and other uses
  • Functional features including LED navigation lights, flaps, retracts, and twin rudders
  • Scale details including a clear cockpit, moulded-in panel lines, and more
  • Factory-installed 3S and 4S-compatible brushless motors with dual 40-amp ESC
  • Fits batteries from 3200-5000mAh to deliver a wide variety of performance and flight times
  • 40-amp Spektrum Avian Dual Smart ESC provides real-time battery voltage, motor RPM, and other data, plus differential thrust capabilities, via compatible transmitters
  • Extremely durable, fully-moulded EPO airframe
  • Spektrum AR631 receiver with fly-by range telemetry and industry-leading DSMX® technology
  • Easier to fly with innovative and optional-use SAFE® Select flight envelope protection
  • The unmatched stability and locked-in feel of exclusive AS3X® technology
  • Six durable and precise digital, metal-geared servos with factory-installed linkages
  • Electric retracts for operation from a variety of surfaces including grass
  • Unique 3-piece wing includes center section with main gear plus all sections feature hands-free connections
  • Convenient top hatch with clear canopy, cockpit detail, and a pilot figure
  • Classic factory-applied trim scheme with paint and decal finish
Exclusive Technologies

This is the only Beechcraft D18 model equipped with both exclusive Spektrum AS3X® and SAFE® Select technologies. AS3X works behind the scenes to smooth out the effects of wind and turbulence to deliver a locked-in feel that makes it seem like you’re flying a much larger airplane. Optional-use SAFE Select offers pitch and bank angle limits along with automatic self-leveling that can be turned on and off at the flip of a switch, making this the easiest to fly D18 yet! And if you don’t want to enable the SAFE Select features, simply bind the receiver normally and only AS3X will be active.

Smart Technology

The Beechcraft D18 1.5m is equipped with an exclusive Spektrum Avian Dual Smart ESC that can provide a variety of real-time power system related telemetry data including motor RPM, current, battery voltage and more – with Smart and non-Smart batteries – via compatible receivers (including the AR631 installed in the BNF® Basic version) and Spektrum AirWare equipped transmitters (including the DX6e and 8e, DX6 G2/3 and 8 G2, the DX9, NX6, 8 and 10, iX12, iX20 and others) while you fly. Plus, differential thrust offers improved ground handling for easier taxiing, takeoffs and landings, along with the ability to perform special aerobatic maneuvers.

Versatile Twin Power

The factory-installed twin brushless power system features a 40-amp Spektrum Avian Dual Smart ESC plus specially-tuned motors that deliver an abundance of thrust with a 3S LiPo battery, or more speed and vertical performance with a 4S battery without the need for any modifications or upgrades.



Aircraft Type







BNF (Bind N Fly)

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