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DU-BRO Fuel Tanks are legendary for being durable and reliable. In more than 25 years, there has never been a failure of a DU-BRO Tank. This is because the process and material used are superior to most other tanks on the market. To understand this completely, you would need to know a bit about the process of blow-molding, but let’s just say we could have faster production times and more profit in our pockets if we cut some corners but that is not the DU-BRO way!
Our new Big Fuel Tanks are no different than all of our smaller tanks in that we maintain our strict level of quality control and dedication to making a reliable tank for your large scale aircraft.

What does this mean for you? Now you can enjoy longer flight times with less refueling, more time for go-arounds while practicing or competing and you will be watching the aircraft more and the clock less knowing you have plenty of fuel on board. Plus, as all of our other tanks can be, the Big Tanks can be used with pressurized fuel systems. All this performance and reliability, and we even include all the needed hardware!

  • Size – 29 x 9.3 x 13cm
  • Vent – Single or Twin Vent
  • Clunk – Large Nickel Plated
  • Bung – Petrol Bung Fitted as Standard
  • Weight – 240g
  • Brass Tube – 5/32 Easy Bend





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