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New for 2016 Airfix Nakajima B5N1 “Kate” 1:72 # A04060

Airfix have a great line-up of new releases for 2016, pre-order now to ensure you’re one of the first to receive the new models – due august 2016. 

Airfix have been using Lidar to ‘map’ new subjects since 2015, this gives much improved accuracy to their measurements, textures and the general feel of the subject.  The Lidar data is then fed into a CAD program for Airfix to begin creating the model.  The video shows how it’s all done. 

When the Nakajima B5N1 torpedo bomber entered service in 1937, it was the most advanced aircraft of its type in the world.  Known by its Allied reporting name of ‘Kate’, the B5N1 proved devastatingly effective in the early Pacific engagements of WWII.  

Known as the Type 97 Carrier Attack Bomber, the B5N1 ‘Kate’ was the main Japanese naval attack aircraft of the war and was to take a heavy toll of Allied shipping.  Even though it served throughout WWII, the ‘Kate’ was obsolete by the time newer American fighters entered the Pacific War but it was forced to continue fighting, as an effective replacement aircraft was not available to the Japanese Navy.

  • Livery A: 9-348, 14th Kokutai, 1938-39
  • Livery B: C1-301, 3rd Kokutai IJN Carrier Zuiho

The Nakajima B5N1 Kate was a highly advanced aircraft when it first flew in 1937 – not only was it the most successful Japanese torpedo bomber of WWII, it was at that time the best aircraft of its type in the world. With a host of technologically advanced features, such as hydraulically operated undercarriage and wing folding mechanisms, highly effective flaps and impressive speed, the aircraft was deemed so advanced that military officials actually removed some features from the specification.

The Kate, which was actually the Type 97 Carrier Attack Bomber, is probably most notorious for its part in the Japanese attack on the US fleet, moored at Pearl Harbor, on 7th December 1941. On this day, 143 Kates attacked the US ships with either armour piercing bombs or torpedoes, with ruthless effectiveness. The type would go on to enjoy further victories in the Pacific War for the next twelve months, until US pilots had better aircraft to exploit the defensive deficiencies of the Nakajima.

This Airfix Plastic Model Kit requires paints and glues to complete, we recommend the following:

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