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MULTIPLEX SAFETY-SWITCH High Voltage (HV) switch cables are the solution for safety-conscious model pilot. The receiver battery (4 - 6 NiXX or LiXX 2S) is connected directly to the SAFETY-SWITCH circuit board. The switching function is vibration-proof and fail-safe using high-performance FETs. These high quality FETS have a very low internal resistance that enable this device to be very power efficient.

The Plus Points

  • Small and lightweight, suitable for many applications
  • 2S LiPo
  • Vibration proof through modern SMD technology
  • 6 or 12 A continuous current capability
  • Gold-plated, high quality connectors and large diameters cables for maximum reliability

HV Safety Switch
Both switch harness also feature a built-in battery switch and can be used for a dual power supply. If you have a battery failure the second battery takes over the power supply.

The SAFETY-SWITCH TwinBatt variants feature two sensor connections for the voltage sensor (# 8 5400). Thus, the two receiver battery voltages are displayed separately from each other and transmitted to the transmitter by activating the second measuring channel of the sensor and a second sensor cable (# 8 5056).

The positives

  • Battery backer
  • Maximum continuous current 12 A
  • High-current multipole M6 receiver battery connectors on the input side
  • 2 UNI-cable (for connecting to the "Batt" socket and a free power socket at the receiver) (only # 8 5009)
  • SAFETY-SWITCH 12 HV (M6) and receiver side with M6 connector system for direct connection to the receiver RX-9/12/16-DR per MULTIPLEX M-LINK or the M-DS M-PCM receiver RX-9/12-SYNTH PCM
  • 2 sensor ports for monitoring both receiver battery voltages at the transmitter


  • Number of cells - 4-6 NiXX / 2S LiXX
  • Continuous current - permissible max. 12 A
  • Quiescent current (OFF) - 250? A
  • Receiver connection - 2 x UNI
  • Cable cross-section - 0.33 mm2
  • Length - 200mm
  • Battery connection - MPX 2 x M6
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) - 50 x 40 x 10mm
  • Weight (with cable) - approx 35g
  • Extras - 2 sensor connections / battery switch
Ref: 2585009 Stock Status: 100000 Units in Stock Manufactured by: J Perkins

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