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5 out of 5 stars Tuesday 19 February, 2019 By pio Cayuela - See all my reviews
Fantastic looking Model. I couldn't believe the size of this beast once I had put it together. Now those of you thinking this is expensive, try adding up how much a built up model of this size would cost with, motor, esc, servos, etc not to mention the time spent on the build . I think you would be looking at well over 1200 pounds, so in fact this is a bargain. The build is super straight forward with nearly every part fitting like a glove, the finish is superb. I had to sand the wing tube slightly to get a good fit in the wing and fuse, but no biggy. The servos are rather noisey but to be expected from digital servos, but the torque these have is just incredible. Regarding the C of G, the blerb recomends 2x 4000mah 6s packs, but I can tell you this beast will never CG with those light packs. I have balanced mine with 2x 5000mah 6s packs at the recommended CG. Looking forward to a maiden this week, weather permitting and will report back, but after speaking to people that have already flown it, the general opinion is that this has unlimited power to do any 3D man in the book, but also is very forgiving post stall and can glide in for landing approaches. Website Design & eCommerce Solutions
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