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E-flite Spitfire mk xiv 1.2m bnf basic efl8650

Price:£279.99£251.99Save: 10% off
5 out of 5 stars Wednesday 03 August, 2016 By David Drummond
Having a soft spot for Spitfires and especially the later Griffon powered marks I ordered one as soon as it was anounced.
In the release photos it did not look ''right' but on delivery a few weeks ago it certainly did look right and the excellent engineering and simple build made the Mk 14 look just about perfect.

I flew the Spitfire this week and it the best flying Spitfire I have ever owned with fantastic ground handing which is normally the Spitfires weak spot and after 4 very uneventful flights I was delighted with this model. The five blade prop is almost silent even at full bore, rolls are completely axial and perhaps the only minor fault is a slight lack of vertical ''umph''.

Very highly recommended. Website Design & eCommerce Solutions
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