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E-Flite P-39 1.2m PNP EFL9175

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5 out of 5 stars Thursday 06 February, 2020 By Robin Acton
Delivered on time and well protected in double box. Thank you TJD.
The E flite P39 pnp went together easily using the handbook. The wing/fuselage electrical socket reduces the cat's cradle of wiring coming through into the fuselage - excellent. Overall the finish is very good with no obvious dings or paint defects.
I have now had 8 flights off quite longish grass, no problems with only a short takeoff runs. Flights have been using both 3s and 4s 2200 lipos.
Endurance on both is about 4.30 to 5 minutes safe flying. Performance is good, lively on 4s. The P39 is quite docile for a low wing fighter especially on approach and landing which are as easy as a trainer even in gusty winds today.
With a standard 2200 3s lipo the CG balanced at the 50mm back from the leading edge making the model twitchy in pitch. The extra 60gms for the 4s lipo makes all the difference - much nicer and stable in pitch.
One grouse only. The 40amp ESC is not really up to the job of handling a fully charged 4s lipo. At 100% throttle the motor hesitated several times on takeoff and only became happy once the lipo had discharged after a minute or so of flight. Website Design & eCommerce Solutions
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