E-Flite Habu SS (Super Sport) Coming Soon!

The Habu STS (Smart Trainer with SAFE) 70mm EDF was a game-changer that finally made it possible to learn to fly RC airplanes successfully with a jet! E-flite engineers also realized that a more powerful and capable version would be even more exciting for lowtime to experienced pilots to fly. Enter the Habu SS (Super Sport) 70mm EDF jet — a modified version of the Habu STS that offers nearly unlimited vertical performance, more speed, and even more aerobatic capability. It has a 4S to 6S compatible power system featuring a specially-tuned motor and 70mm 10-blade fan, along with a telemetrycapable Avian 70-amp Smart Lite ESC. It’s also available in a BNF Basic version equipped with exclusive Spektrum AS3X and optional-use SAFE Select technologies. The Habu SS is easy enough for a wide variety of low-time pilots with little to no EDF experience to fly successfully — while also being one of the best all-around fun-to-fly and no hassles high-performance EDF sport jets for experienced pilots too!


  • Unique airframe design delivers
    incredible low-speed handling and
    slow speed performance
  • Specially tuned motor and 70mm
    10-blade fan compatible with 4S to 6S
  • Popular and affordable 4S to 6S
    3200–4000mAh batteries deliver
    excellent performance and flight times
  • 70-amp Spektrum Avian Smart Lite ESC
    provides real-time data via compatible
    receivers and transmitters
  • 4-channel control with five factoryinstalled servos and linkages for full
    aerobatic capability
  • Wide-stance landing gear with lower
    profile wheels/tyres for less drag
  • Optional oversized tyres for operation
    from a variety of surfaces
  • Landing gear can be removed for easy
    hand launching and belly landings
  • Composite-reinforced and
    strengthened EPO airframe
  • High-visibility trim scheme
  • Fast and easy assembly

E-Flite Habu SS PNP (Super Sport) 70mm EDF Jet

E-Flite Habu SS BNF (Super Sport) 70mm EDF Jet Basic w/SAFE

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