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Dynam T28 Trojan Red ARTF 1270mm w/o TX/RX/Battery

Price:£199.99£169.99Save: 15% off
5 out of 5 stars Sunday 17 January, 2016 By Kai
Love the Dynam T-28.. Was my 2nd plane and first 4 channel. It's quite floaty, very stable and feels easier to fly than my E-flite T-28, which cost more! It's a relatively big T-28 and has real presence in the sky. Flaps are built into the wing but need x2 9g servos to get working. Worth doing as the landing speed for this thing ends up ridiculously slow.
Standard 3S power is great for scale flight and getting used to the plane, and upgrading to 4 cell isn't difficult if you want more speed.
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