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Dynam Messerschmitt ME262 ARTF 1500mm w/o TX/RX/Battery

Price:£259.99£220.99Save: 15% off
5 out of 5 stars Sunday 04 December, 2016 By Robin Acton
I have been flying my Dynam Me262 for 3 seasons off short grass using the recommended lipo. This is a great model for the money. Assembly is straight forward but lots of wires so take time to get it right . It looks and sounds the part on the ground and in the air with a very realistic first generation jet flight envelope. Take off is best into a 5-15 mph wind, landing is a doddle. I have found no bad handling characteristics, in fact the ME262 flies more like a trainer until you open up the taps. I opened up the 4 cannon ports in the nose to increase the airflow over the ESCs which get hot but not unduly so. My favourite model. Website Design & eCommerce Solutions
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