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Black Horse Sedona GP ARTF

Price:£199.99£163.99Save: 18% off
4 out of 5 stars Friday 29 April, 2016 By Jerry Frost
Flies beautifully and sedately and is used as a Club trainer. The ARTF kit is nicely put together but the fit of the tailplane and rudder needed some adjustment. There are three bolts that must line up before gluing the tailplane and retaining plate in place. A dry fit test of the tail feathers is absolutely essential.

The model needed a lot of extra weight in the nose to balance at the recommended C of G of 75mm back from the front of the wing. A 46 or 55 engine is too light so the model can easily take a 61 2/s or 90 4/s though the standard engine mount/bulkhead nuts wouldn't take the crankcase width so a custom mount was made. I found I would rather have the extra power and weight in the engine than add some 8 ounces of lead weight! Website Design & eCommerce Solutions
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