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Arrow Hobby P-51 Mustang PNP with Retracts (1100mm)

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4 out of 5 stars Wednesday 13 February, 2019 By Gregg Veasey
This new range of warbirds came to our attention recently and seeing as we (TJD display team) use foamie warbirds to do a lot of our practising, it made perfect sense to give them a try.
I've had many P51's over the years so chose this model in the new range to see how it compared. We are yet to fly the models but as soon as we get decent weather on a Sunday they'll all take to the sky together as the whole team has one of the 4 models in the range. (P51, P47, T28 & Bearcat).
The P51 took no more than half an hour to put together as its simply a few screws to fix the tail and wings on, plus attaching the prop and spinner. If they came with receivers pre installed the build time would be a few minutes but as you need to fit your receiver of choice, it takes a little longer to set up. And it of course uses the standard 2200 lipo that many people have a stock of so no special packs to buy. You may just need/want to change the connector though if you are not an XT90 user.
The finished outline looks very good and theres a lot of scale detail. The only thing I'm slightly concerned about it the lack of rudder movement. That may prove to be an unwarranted concern in the air though so I'm looking forward to getting this in the air and seeing how it fly's and will report back.
I've given it a 4 star but only cause I haven't flown it yet. I hoping it will be a 5 star after that Website Design & eCommerce Solutions
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