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Traxxas Rustler VXL Brushless TSM (TQi/8.4V/DC Chg)

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5 out of 5 stars Tuesday 10 April, 2018 By Brad Atkins
I have been building and racing RC cars, both nitro and electric, for over 30 years. I had been having some issues with my HPI Trophy so popped into the shop with every intention of buying another nitro model. As usual, whilst discussing my requirements with John, he suggested that if i want something fast i should try the Traxxas Rustler VXL. I was admittedly hesitant and this involved a considerable outlay but the boys in the shop all said i wouldn't be disappointed. The boys won.
I chose the Rustler VXL in silver and also purchased 2 TJD branded 4000mah 3s batteries.
I had been waiting for a dry day to come round to make my first run. In preparation i had watched some videos and made a wise buy of the aftermarket wheely bar which was simple to fit. Once complete i headed outdoors to play.
OMG!!!!! this buggy is truly awesome. In all my years i can honestly say i have never driven anything so insanely fast. The Rustler just wants to wheely from wherever in the range you chose to increase power. Getting to full throttle has been near impossible. But it is not just the speed that i am impressed with. The steering is true with a great turning circle . Releasing the wheel sees the steering return to neutral very quickly. Running this on tarmac the Rustler took a number of tumbles that would of almost certainly broken something on my other cars, but the Rustler escaped with just very minor scuffs to the super strong body.
I have to admit that i have been converted from my beloved HPI and Tamiya models. both are actually excellent but the Traxxas is in a whole different league. To think that a gear change or a 4s battery will make it even faster leaves with a hard decision to make? Do I increase speed or save up for a disused runway where i can play to the Rustler's full potential??
With all seriousness, i totally recommend this model to anyone looking for insane handling and speed. As for beginners, you can set the power to 50% whilst learning and this is still a fast buggy.
In retrospect, the money spent was more than worth it for the excellent build quality and fun factor. Where next then with my collection? Well i still have a love for nitro but the new Unlimited Desert Racer or the incredible TRX4 may just win. And no, i have no plans to grow up in the near future. This is far too much fun. Website Design & eCommerce Solutions
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