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Multiplex Profi Tx12 M-Link Set 2.4GHz 35701

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Product Description

Engineered & Made in Germany: the pioneer PROFI TX M-LINK 

When the passion for RC model sports is paired with decades of competence, precision and creativity, something special is emerging in our development department. 
In collaboration with an internationally successful product designer, the design language and ergonomics created something very special. 

The new, refined and extravagant design takes this pult to a new dimension. Sometimes it can be just a bit more quality and high-quality processing! With numerous innovative and directional features in the 2.4 GHz transmission technology, the PROFI TX M-LINK sets new standards in its class:

  • Integrated antenna technology (IOAT)
  • Fast, safe signal transmission
  • Clear and clear menu structure
  • LiFe battery (25h transmitter runtime) with battery management
  • Perfect and individually adjustable to the pilot's control habits of the pilot
  • Programmable speech output in three languages ​​(D, F, EN) with 500 different words, numbers and complete sentences
  • For desk, hand rest or suspension work
  • Rotatable billet units
  • Side comfortably accessible prop-sensor and optional switch
  • Optimally positioned digital trimmer

The clear and clear menu structure offers:

  • Programs for motor, glider, jet and helicopter models
  • QuickStartSprachen: German, English, French
  • Up to 100 model memory
  • Administration and backup of unlimited model memory data on PC
  • Up to 12 servo channels fully proportional
  • Free servo channel allocation
  • Encoder and switch assignment 100% individually configurable
  • Flexible mixer structure: 5 mixers per model as often as required, 7 mixing parts per mixer, curve mixer
  • 7-point pitch and throttle curve for helicopters
  • 3 stopwatches
  • Transmitter battery management: Display of residual charge quantity (mAh) and remaining time (hh: mm)
  • Innovative flex circuit board system with less plug connections for more safety
  • Wireless teacher / student system with single transfer of control functions
  • Display up to 16 telemetry values


Transmitter PROFI TX 12 with 12 channels and 100 model memories, with 3 switches and 
A Digi-setting device, LiFe transmitter battery 4000 mAh and USB cable (PC interface and charging)


BRAND Multiplex
SKU 2535701
KEY FEATURES 12 Channel with 50 Model memories
Expandable Switch Array
4000 mAh LiFe Transmitter Battery
Maximum Operating Time 25 hours (LiFe transmitter battery)
USB lead (PC interface, charge lead)
Programmable Speech Output in Three Languages
Carefully Positioned Digital Trims for Easy Access
Programs for Power Models, Gliders, Jets and Helicopters
Unlimited Model Memory data can be saved, backed up and managed on a PC
Unrestricted Servo Channel Assignment
Three Stopwatches
Display of up to Sixteen Telemetry Value
Wireless Trainer System with individual control function transfer
Earphone Socket
Illuminated “Warning Monitor”
Vibration Alarm
WHAT'S IN THE BOX 1x Twelve-channel PROFI TX12 transmitter with 100 model memories
1x 4000 mAh LiFe transmitter battery
1x RX-9-DR pro M-LINK Receiver
1x USB Lead (PC interface,Charge lead)
WEIGHT 3.6000
Ref: 2535701 Stock Status: 100000 Units in Stock Manufactured by: Multiplex

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