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Black Horse Chipmunk ARTF

Price:£299.99£245.99Save: 18% off
1 out of 5 stars Sunday 04 June, 2017 By bill cowdrey
This model is a beautiful model that has been ruined by the manufacturers redesign. I bought this model and built it as per detailed instruction. First flight of 6 mins it flew faultlessly. Second time it was wrecked, simply because the manufacturer had changed the design of the control rod horns. From a thro bolt to a simplified fibre glass horn , glued in. The elevator which is operated by 2 separate servos one to each side of the rudder. One of these horns pulled out on take off causing aircraft to veer suddenly to the left, overcoming this with great difficulty I banked to the right to bring back when the aircraft spun into the ground, on recovery I found one of the aileron horns had come out as well. these horns wer glued in as directed and tested a instructed. If the original bolts had been kept this could not have happened.
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